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Community Style Acupuncture

We provide acupuncture in a large room where several clients may be relaxing at once. Pants rolled up to the knee and sleeves to the elbow provide access to some of the most ancient and powerful acupoints. This allows the acupuncturist to treat conditions in any part of the body including low back pain, digestive issues, allergies, headaches and neck pain, TMJ, reproductive issues, knee, ankle and foot pain, as well as depression, fatigue, and conditions related to stress.

While retaining needles and relaxing, the body shifts away from fighting and fleeing mode towards a healing and recovery mode associated with the Parasympathetic functions of the nervous system. Having others around allows the acupuncturist to monitor several people in this state, while their company reduces fear and anxiety that may otherwise attend the process.

Having a common room treatment keeps the price down, allowing for more frequents treatments which equals better treatment results. Currently the price is $40 per session.

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